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Air Jordan 1 Low

The origin story of Nike dates back to the year of 1985.
The Air Jordan 1 is a symbol of both hip-hop and athletic culture, with a rich and intricate history filled with details. This sneaker is revered by both new fans and long-time enthusiasts, and is considered a staple in the world of sneakers. The silhouette was initially designed for basketball players, and was created in 1985 by the renowned designer Peter Moore, who also created the Nike Dunk in the same year. The architecture and design of the Air Jordan 1 is similar to that of the Air Force 1, and it was the very first pair to be sold by the Air Jordan brand, which was co-created by Michael Jordan and Nike. Interestingly, Michael Jordan was first outfitted with the Nike Air Ship a few months before the release of the Air Jordan 1, giving Nike's designers enough time to develop the iconic silhouette we know today. The famous winged ball, commonly known as the "Jordan Wings," is also present on the original model, serving as Jordan's signature.

Since 1985, Nike's team has been focused on enhancing the performance of their technology with regards to comfort, support, and reinforced ankle protection. Interestingly, the initial version of this iconic silhouette was called "Bred" and was banned from the NBA. However, it was not well-received by MJ himself due to the connotations of its color scheme. He commented, "They make me think of the devil.

Both men and women can enjoy a selection of Air Jordan 1 Low shoes. The collection offers a variety of styles to choose from.
When the first model was introduced in 1985, it was a relatively new release, but the Jumpman brand was not content to rest on its laurels. They continued to push forward by developing two complementary models. One of these was an intermediate version, referred to as the Air Jordan 1 Mid, which was released in the early 2000s. The Air Jordan 1 High, which is well-known for its high ankle construction, has been reissued numerous times since its inception. Recent retro releases, such as the Air Jordan 1 Retro High Royal Toe and the Air Jordan 1 High Shattered Backboards 3.0, have also made their mark.

The Air Jordan 1 Mid is a variant of the original model, intended to provide a fresh take on the iconic style. While maintaining the same design as the OG version, it features a lowered construction and a collar that only reaches halfway up the leg. This iteration has gained considerable attention since late 2019, particularly due to the Fearless pack and the highly sought-after AJ1 Mid Red Chateau House edition. As a result, this model has become increasingly popular and now includes variations that incorporate the Colorways of 1985.

The Air Jordan 1 Low, on the other hand, is a preferred choice for those who want a sneaker with a lower profile that is perfect for warmer weather or for those who enjoy changing up their footwear. Jordan has successfully captured its entire history within various iterations of the Air Jordan 1, providing enthusiasts with a vast array of options to choose from based on their personal preferences, the season, and their current mood. It's safe to say that this model has been a hit for Jordan.

The Air Jordan 1 Low is a sneaker model that has been gaining increasing popularity among sneaker enthusiasts.
Since the surge in retro versions in the early 2000s, Jordan has primarily focused on the enhancement of its High model, which is considered the top-tier version within its range. The Mid and Low versions were commonly found in shopping centers and were considered the entry-level and secondary models of the Jordan 1. However, in recent years, the Jordan Brand has undergone a significant change and has made a concerted effort to diversify its product line. This is evidenced by the introduction of new colors for the Air Jordan 3, and the Air Jordan 4, which has been a major revelation in recent years. These changes are also reflected in the numbers: in 2016, out of the 40 models offered, not a single AJ1 Mid was included in the collection, and only 4 AJ1 Low models were available. In contrast, in 2019, there were 35 Mid and 17 Low models included in the 80 models launched.

Nike and Jordan have made a significant change recently, resulting in an increase of exclusive Air Jordan 1 Low editions. Among these editions are the AJ1 low Paris and the AJ1 Retro low Travis Scott. Even retro colorways are being made into lower versions, such as the Royal Toe, Shattered Backboard, and A C. The sneaker community is thrilled with this momentum, as it offers a vast selection of colors, shapes, and designs to choose from.