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Air Jordan 1 High

Air Jordan 1 high

A great celebrity in the sneaker world, the Nike Air Jordan 1 high. One of the best-selling pair of sneakers in the world. The Air Jordan 1 was designed in 1984 by Peter Moore in collaboration with Michael Jordan. The original colours of the Air Jordan 1 were black and red. This shoe was even banned by the NBA because these colors were contrary to the uniform policy of the basketball competition. This ban, however, only made the Jordan 1 high more popular and more sought-after, the shoe quickly became the most desirable type of shoe on the market.
During the design, Michael Jordan had some requirements regarding the design of the shoe. The Air Jordan 1 High was supposed to be a little different from the basketball shoes that were already on the market at the time. The big swoosh, the Nike logo, is high recognizable on the side of the Air Jordan 1. Another detail that you will see on each pair of Nike Air Jordan 1 high is the logo of the Jordan shoes, the basketball with wings underneath.
The Nike Air Jordan 1 high was originally designed as a basketball shoe, but this has not been the case for a long time now. The Air Jordan 1 have now become a sneaker that is worn a lot today and not only on the basketball field anymore.
The Nike Air Jordan 1 high is the first model of the Jordan series to come on the market in the year 1984. After the Air Jordan 1, there are two other models designed, the Nike Air Jordan 1 low and the Nike air Jordan 1 mid. In the meantime, several models have also been put on the market. With these models you have nice sneakers to wear for the whole year. Whether it is hot in summer or a little colder in winter, for every weather type there is a pair of Air Jordan sneakers to find. Air Jordan sneakers are available in all kinds of fun color combinations. You can't think of it as crazy or the color combination is there, for everyone is the sneaker to find.

Michael Jordan, the founder of the famous sneaker

In 1984, Michael Jordan began his professional basketball career. Michael Jordan became the top scorer in his first year in the NBA and received the award Rookie of the Year from the NBA. As a result of this equal success, Jordan was given the opportunity of Nike to design his own shoe. Peter Moore is the chief designer of the Air Jordan 1 in collaboration with Jordan. Jordan had demands on the design of the shoe, the Air Jordan did not just have to become a sneaker. At first, the Air Jordan was only available for Jordan himself. After some time, the Air Jordan came to the market for everyone. The success of Jordan on the field also made the Air Jordan a great success. Everybody wanted to have some Air Jordan. The first pairs of Air Jordan are therefore genuine collectors items that every sneaker enthusiast would like to add to his or her collection.
Jordan has meant a lot to the Nike brand. In 1984, on the insistence of his parents, he signed a contract with the sports brand. He would get $250,000 if he played a competition on Nike sneakers. This marked the beginning of an enormous success. Instead of the expected $3 million that would go over the bench, shoes were sold to Jordan for as much as $126 million. But this was not the highlight for the Jordan sneakers. The fact that in 1984 you were only allowed to enter the basketball field on white sneakers but Jordan did so on his famous red sneakers, the sales figures just went up even more. He was even fined $5,000 each match for not wearing the white sneakers, but this did not bother him. Jordan had made his statement and the sneakers went like sweet sandwiches over the bench and that has never stopped since.