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Dunk Low

Nike Dunks, the low variant called the Low and the Nike Dunk High, these retro sneakers from Iowa with many colors were originally designed for athletes who did basketball and for skateboarders. Later, these sneakers were seen more and more on the streets and not only in skaters, as well as in sports and college.

Nike, with the famous swoosh as an icon, is a shoe brand that has been very popular with sneaker fans for years. Nike shoes are popular with ladies and gentlemen and from young to old. Nike Dunks are designed as a retro sneaker with very good characteristics. The retro silhouette with a large range of colors can be worn by men and ladies. The shoes can still be well used by skaters and basketball because the outer sole has a reinforced heel. The sneakers are ideal for during basketball and skateboarding but also definitely suitable for the street. With the combinations of colors you are sure that you will be seen with the sneaker. The retro sneaker completes your outfit. Shoes make the man is the expression but this applies not only to men, also ladies must definitely be seen with this retro Nike sneaker. Whether you like quiet colours or bright colours, the Nike dunks and Nike Dunk High are available in a variety of different colours. Perfect to experiment with what fits your outfit.

The stick of the Nike Dunks is adapted to the colors of the shoe. Nike has paid attention to the small details such as the colors, the beamwork and the silhouette. The swoosh of Nike, the swoosh is the Nike logo, is on the Nike Dunks in the color of the shoe. Whether you go to college or work, for women and for men, young and old, the Nike Dunks fit everywhere.

The Nike Dunk Low and the Dunk High are popular sneakers. For this series Nike has had several partnerships with companies, sports clubs and famous people such as Ben & Jerry's and Travis Scott. The most popular sneaker in the Nike Dunk series was released in 2005. This was the Nike Dunk SB Low - Pigeon from which only 150 pairs were made. These Nike Dunk Low came on the market for only $69, but today have a market value of as much as $20,000. At the 2005 launch in New York, there were so many people coming out that riots began and even the police had to come in to stop the riots. After the early 2000s, the Nike Dunk series came into oblivion, but it is nowhere to be noticed. These Nike sneakers are all back and the Nike Dunk is more popular than ever.