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Dunk High

Nike Dunk High, the famous retro sneaker with diversity of colors, originally designed for basketball and as a sneaker for skaters but later seen a lot at college. The shoes were first released in the 1980s and were then worn a lot at college by both ladies and men. These Nike sneakers with a retro model and a wide range of colors are all back from being gone.

Nike Dunks are sneakers with a model that reminds the original model when it was released in the 80s but with a silhouette and colors that fit the contemporary image. The colours of the shoes are suitable for the whole year, the Nike Dunks are available in the low variant and as Nike Dunk High. With reinforced heel in the outer sole, stickwork adapted to the colors of the sneaker and beautiful winding work make the dunks into sneakers that are loved by many sneaker lovers.

Nike Dunk sneakers are no longer just for basketball or skating. The sneakers, both the Nike Dunk low and the Nike dunk high, are suitable for anyone who likes to wear sneakers. The sneakers are made of smooth leather with a luxurious appearance, cushioning which contributes to a good fit, perforations in the nose of the shoes for ventilation and good damping in the outer sole of the Shoes. The sneakers from the Nike Dunk series, both Nike Dunks Low and Nike Duns High are shoes for everyone. Sneakers for young and old, for ladies and men.

The sneakers were released in 1985 as a basketball shoe, in a low variant (Nike Dunk Low) and a high version (Nake Dunk High) and the shoes had soon found their way into the street fashion image as sneakers for everyday use. The sneakers from the Nike Dunk series are now very popular. Every time Nike releases a new Nike dunk series, be it the Low or the Nike Dunk High, it is sold out quickly. If you want a pair of these sneakers then you should always be with them quickly because otherwise these shoes will be sold out quickly.

The sneakers from the Nike Dunk series became especially popular due to the various partnerships that Nike entered into with famous individuals, companies and sports clubs such as Travis Scott and Ben & Jerry's. These special variants of the Nike Dunk sneakers were even so popular that in 2005 when the Dunk SB Low - Pigeon was launched, riots broke out in New York and the police had to intervene. From this variant sneakers of the Nike Dunk SB Low - Pigeon were made a total of 150 pairs, which is why it was so sought after. The sneakers were sold for only $69. Nowadays, these sneakers are so sought after and rare that they are for sale for $20,000. This makes this version of the Nike Dunk series the most sought after sneakers from the Nike Dunks. True sneaker lovers have a lot left to get these sneakers in their possession.

After the popularity of the early 2000s, the sneakers from the Nike Dunk series fell into oblivion, however, it is now nothing to notice. The sneakers are as mentioned more popular than ever.

Not only are versions of the sneakers with special collaborations beautifully designed but the regular Nike Dunk sneakers are also carefully designed like any Nike sneaker. The sneakers from the Nike Dunk series have a different silhouette than the regular Nike shoes. The fit is slightly narrower, the top of the sneakers is less rough than for example the Nike Air and the colors of the Nike Dunk are more diverse. The whole look of the sneakers is well adapted to each other. With attention to the outer sole, in which a reinforced heel is processed, the stitching is in colour matching to the rest of the sneakers, strong stitchwork for a good fit and smooth leather in the upper work. In short, the Nike Dunk is a sneaker that you must definitely have.