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Air Jordan 3

The Air Jordan 1 is an iconic sneaker that has a strong narrative behind it.
The Air Jordan 1 has made a significant impact on both fashion and sport, with its classic lifestyle design and basketball influence. This is particularly true of the Air Jordan 1 Mid, which has become a must-have for fans with each new release over the years. The sneaker was created following the release of the Dunk High, with designer Peter Moore rethinking the design to suit basketball and to showcase Michael Jordan's skills on the NBA court. With the integration of air technology, this shoe has revolutionized basketball silhouettes and replaced the Converse Chuck Taylor as the go-to shoe. The Air Jordan 1 has also become a staple in the world of fashion, perfectly adaptable to any outfit. Iconic collaborations with brands like Off-White and musicians like Travis Scott have elevated the Air Jordan 1 High to new heights, taking the Michael Jordan brand to another level. It's worth noting that a low-top version of this legendary sneaker also exists, known as the Air Jordan 1 Low. To maintain its ambassador and continue innovating, the American company plans to introduce new, more advanced and impressive models like the Air Jordan 4, Air Jordan 5, and the iconic Air Jordan 11. JORDAN BRAND has no intention of slowing down and will continue to please its loyal fan base.

Jordan Brand's Air Jordan 3 has undergone a renewal.
Tinker Hatfield, a renowned designer, drew the first silhouette of Air Jordan 3 in 1988, which became Michael Jordan's favorite model. Hatfield, who also created Air Max 1, worked closely with Jordan to design this shoe and all the subsequent models. Air Jordan 3 is widely recognized as a technological and performance masterpiece and is one of the most iconic models of the Jordan brand. Its success came after the disappointment of the previous version. The marketing of Air Jordan 3 helped the brand establish itself as one of the leading names in sports equipment. Moreover, with the release of this shoe, the Jumpman logo officially replaced the garlic balloon logo. The Jumpman logo depicts Michael Jordan in a mid-air dunk, which is a still from a shoot of "His Airness." The logo was later used on the tongue of the Air Jordan 5 and the lace lock of the Air Jordan 6.

The Air Jordan 3 boasts a distinctive design that sets it apart from other sneakers on the market.
The Nike Air technology bubble is present on the sole of the shoe, contributing to its overall appearance and design. A distinctive "Elephant Print" pattern, reminiscent of elephant skin, can be found on the back of the shoe and on the front reinforcement. To ensure its longevity, the upper portion of the Air Jordan 3 is crafted from a leather box, while the sole is composed of various polyurethane components that provide both flexibility and durability. The Air Jordan 3 boasts a sleeker design than its successor, the Air Jordan 4. Michael Jordan wore the Air Jordan 3 during one of his most successful seasons, earning him the title of MVP, as well as a legendary victory over Dominique Wilkins in a dunk competition. Hatfield's expert creation is still credited today for Jordan's incredible performance. The Air Jordan 3 East is now obtainable in various styles, recognized as one of the most iconic silhouettes in basketball and the brand's history. This essential model is brimming with significant history, and is a necessary acquisition for both sneaker enthusiasts and casual admirers alike.

The Air Jordan 3 is renowned for its unique collaborations.
Collaborations and colorways form the foundation of the sneaker industry, with each release surpassing the previous one in terms of effectiveness. One such example is the Air Jordan 3 Quai 54 that was designed in collaboration with the Parisian event of the same name. This sneaker embodies the color codes of competition basketball and street culture, making it a perfect representation of both worlds. Nike also collaborates with well-known singers and rappers, as seen with DJ Khaled who has two stunning Air Jordan 3 designs, "Father of Asahd" and "Grateful," both of which show his love for Michael Jordan's brand. These sneakers are now highly sought-after and command astronomical prices. The Japanese concept store Atmos, a long-time partner of Nike, has also released a highly successful pack that includes their famous Air Max 1 Elephant Print and a stylish Nike Air Jordan 3 design. In March of 2017, a highly exclusive collaboration was unveiled and quickly became the talk of the town. The Nike Air Jordan 3 was able to break away from its basketball court roots and make a name for itself on the streets across the globe.

The Air Jordan 3 Retro Sneaker is currently being hyped as a classic. This old school shoe has been gaining popularity among sneaker enthusiasts.
When considering the discrepancies between Air Jordan 3 Retro and other editions, there are several questions to be raised. The major difference lies in the basketball design, as Retro iterations maintain the original form that Michael Jordan wore. An excellent instance of this is the Air Jordan 3 Retro Racer Blue! It is worth noting that in 2022, the retail cost of Air Jordan 3 will increase from 160 to 180 €, which will result in a minor increase in the price of the most highly anticipated Air Jordan 3 colors for resale. There are no modifications anticipated for Sizing, which will remain the same as before: purchase your typical size.