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Air Jordan 1

Air Jordan 1 The Nike Air Jordan 1 is an icon in the world of sneakers. It is the first Air Jordan sneaker ever released and was released in 1985. The sneaker was designed by Peter Moore and is a collaboration between Nike and former NBA professional basketball player Michael Jordan.The sneaker was revolutionary for its time, it was the first basketball shoe to use Nike Air technology. This technology offered extra damping and support for the feet, which was a major advantage for pre-basketball players. In addition, the sneaker was the first basketball shoe with a single top, which also contributed to the support of the ankle. The design of these Nike sneakers was also remarkable, with a mix of colors and materials inspired by the first basketball shoes of the debasketball player. The Air Jordan 1 was also the first basketball shoe with a player's name on the side. After its introduction, the sneaker quickly became apopular choice among basketball players and sneaker lovers. It quickly became an icon and a symbol of fashion, culture and sport through its well-known design. The sneakers are still a popular choice for basketball players sneaker lovers, and are often seen as a must-have for anyone who has a sneaker collection. Cooperation Nike and Michael JordanThe partnership between Nike and Michael Jordan is one of the most successful and influential partnerships in the history of the sport and fashion industry. It began in 1984 when Nick decided to have Michael Jordan, who was then an emerging basketball player in the NBA, sign a sponsoring contract. The design of the sneakers are characterized by the logo of the Jumpman. Alongside the Nike logo, this logo is on the sneakers, an image of a basketball player making his distinctive jump to the basket. After the first version there have been several other collaborations between Nike and debasketballer. Since its introduction in 1985, new variants of the sneakers have appeared every year. Currently, approximately 35 different silhouettes have been put on the market.In the 1980s basketball shoes were simply sneakers in neutral colors as required by the NBA. Until 1985, this cooperation was established and the rest is actually history. The iconic sneakers had colour combinations that had never been seen on a basketball court before. The basketball player was forbidden to wear the shoes, and he was fined if he did so. The basketball player did not listen, however, and thus the iconic partnership with Nike arose. Design by Peter Moore Moore's design for Nike sneakers was revolutionary for his time and had a major impact on the sneaker industry. Moore was the first designer for Nike to get details to design the first Air Jordan sneaker, in collaboration with professional basketball player Michael Jordan.Moore's design for these Nike sneakers was unique and inspired by Michael Jordan's first basketball shoes. It combined a mix of colors and materials, including leather, sweater and nylon, and was the first to have a high top. This offered additional support for the ankle and was a great advantage for basketball players.Moore's design for the sneakers was also the first sneaker with the name of single player on the side. This was a big step for Nike and has led to a unentrend where many sneakers now have the name of a player or designer on the side. Moore's design for the sneakers was also the basis for the development of the series, which is now one of the most popular and influential sneaker lines in the world. His design has led to numerous new designs and innovations in the sneaker industry. Moore's design for desneaker is now seen as an icon and a symbol of fashion, culture and sport. It is an important part of the history of the sneaker industry andwill always be remembered as one of the most influential designs ever made.