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Are you looking for a fantastic pair of new sneakers? Then you're here with us, The Sneaker Doctor, at the right address. Sneakers are nice, easy to walk and give your style just that little extra. Where you used to want to distinguish yourself from others with the type of sneaker you wore and show to which group you belonged, from gabber to skater, the sneaker is nowadays an indispensable item in your shoe closet.

The sneaker originated in the 19th century. Where shoes should be neat, made of beautiful leather was ease to look far. Until the game croquet was made a shoe, a sneaker with rubber sole, canvas topwork and beads. Totally different from the normal leather shoes that everybody used to. This was the beginning of the current sneaker. In the years that followed, more and more variants were made for various sports. Mainly sports where a lot of grip was required on the ground such as tennis. Manufacturers played a part in this and there were more and more sneakers on the market. One of the first manufacturers of a high sneaker was Converse, they made in 1918 a model that became especially popular with basketball players, the All-star. Around the 1960s, almost every basketball player was wearing this type of sneaker. And yes, this model sneaker is still a very popular type to this day. A classic sneaker, available in many colors, in canvas and leather, of course modernized in the years.

Sneakers were produced in the early years in America, but at the beginning of the 20th century two German brothers began designing football and tennis shoes. These brothers, Adolf and Rudolp Dassler, worked together for years but after the Second World War got into quarrel with each other and each chose their own path. This dispute led to the founding of Adidas (a combination of Adolf Dassler's first and last name) and Puma. Both brands became, as you probably know, very popular and are still a lot to see in the stores today.

With a large collection of sneakers you can find that one pair of shoes you are looking for. Whether it’s low sneakers or high sneakers, our collection includes the pair of shoes you’d like to have.

You can see sneakers more and more in the current street picture, where once only athletes used to wear sneakers, you can now see the sneaker everywhere. At casual moments but also at more official moments. The sneaker is widely seen as a shoe for every moment. There is even a whole scene of people who are crazy about sneakers and even have entire collections. When a new collection is dropped, they are the first to join.

With us you will find a large collection of sneakers. From the Nike Dunk low and Nike Dunker High to various Nike Air Jordans in all sorts of colors and styles and the classic Nike Air Force 1, the most sought-after white sneaker of the moment. Good and especially beautiful sneakers do not have to be very expensive. With us you will also find various types of sneakers under €250,-. For every budget there is a good sneaker to find.

White sneakers

A sneaker that fits any outfit are white sneakers. Whether you are looking for a casual look or even under a nice suit, sneakers in white can always be. They give your outfit just that little extra. From various brands there are nice sneakers in white but the most sought after sneaker at the moment is as mentioned earlier the Nike Air Force 1. This sneaker is completely white, from the sole, the top, the pin to the logo. The perfect sneaker for any moment of the day, casual on the street or for a night out.

Another well-selling white sneaker is the Adidas originals. This classic sneaker is a model that has been on the market for years but is still sold a lot to this day. These sneakers have a white sole, white topwork and feathers but the well-known strips from Adidas are there in many colors and prints. If you want to shine out that little extra with your sneaker then these Adidas sneakers are perfectly suited for it because of the many variants that are available.